Virtual recruitment drive platform

Tailored to your specifications and fully customisable, make your recruitment drive your own. Putting on a virtual recruitment drive sometimes can be daunting but the Plus-virtual recruitment drive makes the whole process easy. Fully project managed by your own personal dedicated account manager making the whole process stress free.

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Automated pre event marketing

Integrated webinars all in web platform & online events 

Sponsor stands and sponsor areas

Networking, roundtables, discussion forums and member chat

User engagement tools and interactive games. 

Full user analytics 

3D Tours and walkthroughs

Fully customisable and brandable

Exhibitor to attendee communication 

No apps to download - all browser based! 

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Your event is fully project managed from start to finish

Easy to use with full training.

Out of the box or custom recruitment drive platform

When it comes to virtual recruitment drives, branding and customisation is essential. Help strengthen brand awareness and make a memorable impressions on your audience members with every area of the platform designed to your spec or opt for an out of the box elements for speed and ease of use. It is the best way to distinguish your recruitment drive against your competitors and make your event a memorable one.

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Tailored to your specifications

From an initial meeting with your project manager we will spec out your recruitment drive platform to your exact needs. Virtual events can be complicated but here at Plus Virtual we have made the process easy and stress free from start to finish. Options include full technical support, training and production.


Networking areas

Allow for attendees to communicate instantly with each other and speakers at your trade show. Create a designated section of your trade show platform where attendees can browse and chat other attendees, join discussion forums, book meetings with speakers/ exhibitors and join round table sessions.


Branded webinars

Create a seamless experience for your trade show audience. No navigation between app. All webinars can be housed within a page on your trade show platform, keeping fonts, colours and logos all in line with brand guidelines.


Sponsored interactive games and prizes

Reach new levels of engagement and retain the attention of your audience during your trade show. Customise and brand games which can be embedded into your site. Add prizes and allow your sponsors to do giveaways.


Customisable recruitment drive stands

Create 3d recruitment drive stands to showcase your sponsors and exhibitors. On stand features include live chat & video, downloadable literature, on demand videos, 360 tours and book meetings directly from the stands.


Interactive agenda page

The key part to getting a great turnout for your recruitment drive. Eliminate time wasting and allow your audience to plan their day, RSVP and also join meetings/webinars directly through interactive agenda pages. 

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The easiest way to seamlessly present and easily broadcast to your virtual recruitment drive

Our webinar platform seamlessly integrates into your platform

and helps boost engagement. Here are some of the many features:

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User engagment

In webinar chat, Q&A's & polls all help to keep audience members engaged and involved.

Broadcast live

Broadcast live or simulate live with prerecorded content

Fully browser based

All of the features you need without any of the hassle.

Editable members area

Manage events, meetings and my profile settings to allow audience to customise their profile.

Networking areas

Allow for attendees to communicate instantly with each other and speakers at your exhibition.

Customisable foyers

Add customised navigation buttons and choose your background foyer for your event landing page

Live chat

Chat from both the platform and also in the webinar sessions to both delegates and speakers

3D tours

Create 3D tours of exhibition stands or products to help create a unique experience

Full HD video meetings

Run secure HD (not SD as with Zoom etc) meetings without the need to download third party software.

Screen share

Share your screen from any device at a high quality resolution with no lag!

Interactive agenda pages

Have your audience members RSVP & join webinars, meetings, round tables & plenaries through interactive links on an agenda

Round table sessions

Participate in round table sessions and customise as you would your webinar or meeting

Interactive exhibition stands

Create 3d exhibition stands to showcase your sponsors and exhibitors.

On demand content

Allow audience member to re-watch or to pick up content missed

Icebreaker sessions

Set up sessions for your audience to get to know each other and your platform

Full custom branding

Help strengthen brand awareness and make a memorable impressions on your audience

Record and share meetings/webinars

Record meetings that can be easily replayed in full HD, MP4 with a single click, stored in the cloud. Edit share and download your videos.

Schedule meetings

Create meetings instantly or through customisable invites sent through email.

Event diary

Never miss a webinar or meeting with our built in event diary

Book meetings

Book meetings from networking areas or directly from stands and manage them in the 'my account' area

Embedded webinars & plenary sessions

Create a seamless experience for your exhibition audience. No navigation between app.

Interactive games

Customise and brand games which can be embedded into your site.

Breakout rooms

Breakout directly from webinar sessions to create new meetings with participants

Full analytics

Track attendees of webinar theatres, and get an insight into how your audience is viewing your platform