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Simple meeting platform. Communicate

like never before!

100% cloud based, fully tailored with your company branding & no downloads needed.

Easy to use

All of the features you need with non of the hassle.

Content Library

Upload files, share presentations and much more..

Shared notes

Collaborate with ease and share notes with everyone, or keep them private!

Screen Share

Share your screen from any device at a high quality resolution with no lag!

Record and share

Record all of your meetings and share links directly from the recordings tab in the platform

Meet Instantly

Instantly invite colleagues to meetings whilst already in a meeting.

The easy to use video meeting platform to manage live interactive meetings

No technical or operating expertise required, it's simple to use.  

So what makes our video meeting platform different?

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Browser based, no downloads required, HD video meetings

Run secure HD (not SD as with Zoom etc) meetings without the need to download third party software. One click is all that is needed. Works on all modern web browsers, on desk tops, tablets, phones and even smart TVs. The system is also fully responsive. Broadcast at the same time with multiple hosts. Can be upgraded to full webinar at any time!

Broadcast live or simulate live with prerecorded content

Broadcast meetings live or simulive, that is play a recorded meeting.

broadcast live.jpg

Record, store and edit your  meetings

Record meetings that can be easily replayed in full HD, MP4 with a single click, stored in the cloud. Edit share and download your videos.

No time limit on recordings. If your meeting lasts 5 hours, don't worry our recording software will ensure every vital second is recorded. 

Custom branding - your meeting platform, so it should be your branding, right? 

Embed your branding directly into your meeting platform. Using an easy to navigate template you can add your logos and your colours - make the platform for your own!

We can even white label the entire platform for you if that is something need. 


Screen share in real time and in full HD

Share your screen from any device at a high quality resolution with no lag! Great for project working , one on one training and sales presentations.

Shared notes

Whether you want to take meeting minutes, collect ideas or work collaboratively on any text, our shared notes feature is a very simple but powerful solution. You can use the shared notes feature in 1:1 meetings, video conferences, live streams, webcasts or webinars. 

Just a few more simple to use features... 

Multi-user Whiteboard

Collaborate and brainstorm with ease.


Change views to make the meeting user friendly.

Web apps

Embed documents, spreadsheets and more. 

File Sharing

Share files of any format within your meeting.

Full support

Contact us anytime, our customer service team will help.

Content Library

Upload and share files with all participants 


Take control of your meeting and arrange however you want.

Fully cloud based

Meet with anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

Outlook plugin

Schedule meetings from your outlook calendar.

GDPR compliant

Compliant with all data storage and EU laws.

Breakout Rooms

Divide people into smaller groups to problem solve.


Set up a lobby for your meeting so people can join later.

Text chat

Fully interactive public group chat or private message. 

Fully mobile ready

Meetings on the move, be that from home or the train!


5, 10, 25, 100, 1000 people is no problem for plus-meetings.

Searching for a powerful, scalable, yet easy to use work from anywhere, stay connected, meeting or team video meeting platform? Look no further. 

Rely on the experts at plus-virtual to design a customised solution that incorporates the right features to suit you! Our team will either carry out or assist with planning, training and execution, ensuring your success.